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David Mattei
Vantiv | OmniShield David Mattei Interview

David Mattei manages product planning and strategy for the Vantiv portfolio of fraud solutions for card issuers. Since joining Vantiv in 2003, David has held a variety of roles in which he has developed and managed a portfolio of industry-leading products for Vantiv's financial institution partners. Currently, David is a vice president and product manager for financial institutions at Vantiv.

Paul Rooney

Paul Rooney is an assistant vice president of Corporate Fraud Prevention at Vantiv. He has over 9 years experience in the payment fraud industry. Since joining Vantiv in 2003, Paul has held a variety of roles in which he has managed the day to day activities of Vantiv’s fraud operations team; as well as collaborating on Vantiv’s fraud tools and products that have been brought to market. Currently, Paul serves as a subject matter expert related to payment fraud, supporting Vantiv’s Relationship Management team and its clients with a deep focus on fraud mitigation best practices, and industry insight

Angie Hille

Angie Hille manages fraud operations, including inbound and outbound fraud detection teams, fraud liaison and data fraud analytics teams at Vantiv. Angie has 14 years of experience in the fraud detection, investigation and dispute arena. She also holds a Cybercrime Investigations BA degree from Utica College. Currently, Angie is fraud manager for financial institutions at Vantiv.

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