How to win over an upset customer

You can’t please everyone every time. However, you can lead an unsatisfied customer to a more satisfactory outcome, helping to better ensure that they’ll be giving your business a second chance in the future. Jim Roddy will discuss 9 simple tips for making these difficult interactions easier with our free webinar.


How to build sales
with corporate partners

Partnering with other businesses in your community can be a winning strategy – especially during the holidays. Entrepreneurs like you are always looking for unique, relevant ways to thank their customers or members and reward their employees. You already have the perfect solution to help them – find out more about what that is!


How giving is good for your customers and your business

Customers’ brand loyalties are shown to be linked to business philanthropic efforts. A recent study found that the majority of consumer respondents (95 percent) are inclined to switch brands to be associated with a cause, given comparable price and quality. Learn how businesses and nonprofits benefit from one another to build a stronger community.


Growing customer loyalty this holiday

Successful businesses don't just attract customers – they nurture relationships. Turning new shoppers into loyal customers is one of the biggest and most important challenges business owners face. Gain insight into methods that work with the latest payments news from Vantiv.


Norby’s Department Store

A fourth-generation, family-owned business is keeping up with the times in Detroit Lakes, Minn. Norby’s Department Store stays relevant in a growing eCommerce world using comprehensive marketing and targeted promotions, helping to cultivate in-store business and support a thriving downtown and local community.

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