5 ways to use gift cards to increase your holiday revenue

Always a favorite among gift givers and receivers alike, gift cards pack the power to transform your business’ bottom line this holiday season. A powerful sales and branding tool, they’re a proven way to attract new customers, encourage repeat business, and increase average ticket size. Just follow these five effective strategies to unwrap your gift card program’s full potential.


How do you go about implementing the right promotional giveaway?

The holiday season is ripe for a fruitful giveaway. Allow us to help give you some promotional vision – and we don’t mean the sugar plum variety. Put these sweet and simple ideas to work for your business to engage and attract new and returning customers and give a boost to your brand awareness and customer relationships.

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9 tips to win over an upset customer

The holidays are typically the busiest time for most businesses – and the most stressful. Sales and customer activity are up, but that also means customer complaints may increase. How you deal with an unhappy customer can lead to an agreeable outcome and keep them on your Nice List in the years ahead.


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