Subscription payments, features, benefits, and best practices

Recurring billing has advantages that return again and again and again and – you get the idea. And you might be surprised to discover just how many business types can take advantage of these benefits. Learn how recurring payments can keep the opportunities – and your customers – rolling in.


What are the benefits of Apple Pay?

This year, more merchants will adopt Apple Pay® than ever before. From retail to restaurants, they’re using it to grow convenience, customer experience, loyalty programs, and a whole lot more. The time is ripe to pick up on Apple Pay. Are you ready?

PODCAST: Security & password management best practices

With business and personal information under attack, password security should always be top of mind. But we know it’s easy to get confused. Eight or 10 characters? With caps, symbols, and numbers? This short podcast will take the guesswork out of password management and give you solid security tips you can count on.


Grow your business with gift cards

Gift cards are giving back in big ways. This year, they’re expected to be a $160 billion industry, as 93 percent of American consumers give them, and their users spend an average of 40 percent more on top of gifted value amounts. Get gifting and start driving incremental revenue to your business today!



When customers turn to you to help resolve their IT issues, reliable support and excellent service go hand-in-hand. Owner Paco Lebron and the tech professionals at ProdigyTeks of Chicago, Ill., expand their reach by being a presence in their community and promoting a personal service that turns new customers into loyal clients. See how they’re using marketing and promotions to maintain a strong customer connection.