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With each issue, we highlight trending products, share thought leadership, introduce new marketing materials, and provide tips for engaging potential merchant customers. We encourage you to share this newsletter with your bank staff and even post it to your intranet. We hope you find the content relevant, valuable and insightful.

Announcing the Launch of OmniShield Assure

Vantiv’s OmniShield Assure bundles together services designed to specifically help small and medium size merchants process their payments more safely and reduce their risks and liabilities. The OmniShield Assure four-pronged security approach includes EMV support, PCI Assist, Breach Assist, and Point-to-Point Encryption.

  • EMV helps reduce fraudulent card-present transactions.
  • PCI Assist helps merchants achieve, maintain and validate PCI compliance.
  • Point-to-Point Encryption helps protect payment data in transit.
  • Breach Assist provides financial assistance by helping with certain fines, penalties and other expenses assessed by the card associations in the event of a data breach. Now, all of our merchants boarded with OmniShield Assure receive the full benefit of our Vantiv Breach Assist product. Formerly, our MSFI (NPC platform) merchants were receiving breach assistance through a self-funded program.

In order to enable all the services of OmniShield Assure, merchants need to be using an EMV and encryption-enabled solution. This means merchants may need to upgrade their terminal or integrated POS system. This combination of OmniShield Assure and EMV/encryption-enabled payment technology is the ideal solution for the merchant to help protect their customers and their business. We look forward to continuing to provide new and seamless payment solutions for our merchants and partners.

Learn More About Security Threats

What is Vantiv Gift?

Vantiv Gift is a complete product line for your merchant’s business, enabling promotional capabilities and customer to customer marketing advantages. Vantiv Gift delivers everything your merchant needs to help generate new revenue, increase brand exposure, and easily manage gift card sales. Our gift card processing platform enables customizable card settings, comprehensive transaction types, and great reporting, simplifying gift card sales tracking and reducing bookkeeping.

Unlike other solutions, Vantiv Gift is full of rich features that enable your merchant’s gift card product line to grow with their business. Whether they simply need attractive gift cards with their business logo for a single location, or custom designed cards for a franchise, Vantiv Gift is the perfect service to help grow their business.

Why is it important to talk to your merchants about Vantiv Gift?

  • Increase Sales: Gift cards can drive traffic to a merchant and help increase average ticket sales since consumers often spend more than the face value of the card.
  • Improve Cash Flow: Gift card funds remain on the card until its value is depleted. That’s good news for merchants since there’s no need to refund cash on unused balances and profits will remain in their business, resulting in improved cash flow.
  • Promote Business: The benefits of a gift card program extend beyond the sales and profits—they promote your merchants’ business and drive store traffic.
  • Customizable: Merchants can select the features that complement their business the most and customize their gift card program to match their business needs.

Did you know?

  • Almost 1/3 of all gifts purchased are gift cards.
  • 63% of consumers bought a gift card in the last year.
  • Up to 50% of October – December retail business is from gift card sales.
  • Gift Cards account for $100 Billion in annual sales.

Thought Leadership Series: The Future of Small Business Lending

Many small businesses need credit…but do they need it from their bank? The small business lending sector is rapidly evolving – FinTechs are competing for traditional bank customers, banks are partnering with newer entrants, and the business model of some alternative lenders is being called into question.

As the payments markets and credit markets increasingly converge, it’s important for every banker to understand what’s driving change and actions that banks need to take now to stay competitive.

Leveraging the latest findings from proprietary research conducted by Oliver Wyman and Barlow Research Associates, Vantiv’s SVP of Partnership Management, Simon Powley, recently presented a webinar that provided unique data and insights on this important market. If you were unable to attend the webinar, the presentation and slides can be downloaded. Additionally, the “The Future of Small Business Lending” white paper and brief are also available.

Marketing Corner

Consider Bundling with Merchant Services

Financial institutions are increasingly looking toward offering product bundled solutions to help stay competitive in the marketplace and reduce attrition among current business banking customers. The majority of banking profit from small businesses comes from three main products: checking, credit card, and merchant services. While many banks make good money in other businesses, such as commercial mortgage, or SBA lending, on average, these businesses don’t generate material profit for the sector.

While half of the battle is won from acquiring the checking account, the difference between above average profitability (and the ability to support the costs of specialized sellers – relationship managers or branch managers) comes from the ability to penetrate the rest of the profitable wallet. That is, the ability to effectively identify customers with card spend and acceptance needs, and to effectively sell to them.

In an effort to improve core business deposit profitability, many of our Merchant Solutions for Financial Institutions partners have started working closely with Vantiv to develop a bank product bundle that includes merchant services. A few examples are as follows:

  • Tiered small business banking product with bundled components that include merchant services
  • Small business credit line offer bundled with merchant services
  • Cash back offer into new checking account when bundled with merchant services

Some things to consider when determining the best approach for a product bundle idea:

  • Will the product bundle assist in achieving the bank’s objectives?
  • Are you able to execute and track responses easily?
  • Should it be a limited time offer or a life of the relationship offer?
  • What will be the promotion method (Examples: teller line buck-slips for existing commercial customers, flyer placed on night depository, splash pages on commercial platforms, banner ads on bank’s website, etc.)?

Contact your Partnership Manager today to start the conversation.

Source: Oliver Wyman 2014 Survey of Small Business Finances

New Social Media Messaging for your Bank

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. And as your partner, Vantiv wants to help you reach more audiences. We’ve developed ongoing and relevant messaging that you can post on your social media and intranet sites. We welcome you to use the content below and encourage you to check back regularly for new posts.


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