Happy New Year!

Make sure your business gets off to a healthy start this year. Vantiv’s MerchantAdvantage program is your one-stop resource to help you become an even better business owner in 2017.


Tale of two wallets

It’s clear that mobile wallet usage is gaining traction among consumers and merchants alike. But widespread adoption is still a spot on the horizon. Vantiv has gathered insights from over 800 consumers to learn more about what drives mobile wallet users and what holds non-users back.


What is omnicommerce?

The word “omnicommerce” is a mouthful, with a somewhat ambiguous meaning. But it sure gets a lot of attention these days. For many merchants, the word can be roughly translated as “opportunity.” Read on to find out why.


Webinar: Nine time-tested hiring tips

Learning how to recognize and hire good employees can be a key factor in a business’ success. Jim Roddy, a Vantiv Business Advisor and long-time president of Jameson Publishing, shares his secrets.


Essential interviewer skills to make hiring decisions

An effective interview process is a great way to make the right hiring decisions for your business. But interviewing effectively takes some skill. Here are some inside tips.