Time to tune up your online business

What’s the status of your online presence? Up to date? Stagnate? It’s complicated? Whatever it is, chances are you could benefit from having a better relationship with your online customers. And because 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, it’s imperative that you do. Tune into our FREE, one-hour webinar, Tune Up Your Online Business, to learn how to expand your online presence to reach and retain more customers.


What do you need to protect customer payments?

No business is too small to be overlooked by cyber thieves. Because of limited resources and insufficient payment protections, small businesses often pose the perfect target for these attacks. SMBs take the brunt of most cyber fraud. So, it pays to know what you can do to better protect your customers’ sensitive payment information. Safeguard your business with these simple and effective practices.

Why specially designed gift cards are really worth it

TMaybe you know the power that an effective gift card program can have for your business. Maybe you’re already using one to create an additional revenue stream. But are you using branded cards to maximize your gift cards’ full potential? Some businesses have been so successful at designing and marketing their gift card programs that the cards themselves have become a collectible commodity. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. Learn more about the impact of specially designed cards here.


Take safe mobile EMV payments anywhere

Mobile payment acceptance is one of the fastest growing areas in payments. Discover how mobile is moving payments – making faster transactions, growing revenue opportunities, and influencing the future. Let’s get moving!

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You have a great story. We want to help you share it.

Vantiv Voices is our customer advocacy program that celebrates the accomplishments of customers like you. Through Vantiv Voices, you have the unique opportunity to share your experiences and be recognized as a leader in your business. It’s a forum for you to shine and take pride in your business’ accomplishments.

Bowie Outfitters

Bowie Outfitters

Bowie Outfitters opens doors to the outdoors, building relationships with loyal customers and attracting new ones through on-target promotional events and marketing initiatives. Find out how Bowie Outfitters has become the trusted guide for local shoppers and how it’s leading an online community to find the best in what the Great Outdoors has to offer.