Omnicommerce and the Customer Experience

Vantiv Invites You to Attend This Webinar

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
12pm ET - 1pm ET


New 2013 primary research from Vantiv shows that consumers are increasingly demanding integrated "omnichannel" shopping experiences online, in-store and through their mobile devices. To make transaction experiences seamless, "omnicommerce" must happen at the same time, integrating rewards, security, financial management tools, and other features.

This campaign will help merchants and financial institutions understand consumer preferences around new payment options, and how to factor omnicommerce payments into their short and long-term customer experience planning.

What You'll Learn

Findings from the research that will be explored include:

  • The extent to which consumers are already using mobile devices across payment channels
  • What delights and frustrates consumers about their current payment options – and what they are looking forward to
  • How omnicommerce will help merchants interact with customers more closely, across the entire shopping cycle
  • How financial institutions can equip and enable their customers for omnichannel payment experiences ahead

Data-Driven Insights

Today's consumers are increasingly equipped for and interested in trying new mobile payment methods. They are looking for excellent omnicommerce experiences… are you ready to help?

Attend this live webinar featuring data-driven insights from consumer research conducted this year, and get a fresh perspective on how merchants and financial institutions can serve today's on-the-go consumer.

Featured Speakers

Dean Seifert, SVP Product Strategy, Vantiv

Drawing on 20+ years of payments industry experience in product development, M&A, sales and client relations, Dean is helping shape the future of payments through his role at Vantiv.

Ken Paterson, Head of Research Operations at Mercator

As director of Mercator's research unit, Ken has been closely involved in the development of primary research for clients like Vantiv who need quantitative insights. Ken is currently VP of Research Operations for Mercator Advisory Group.

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