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We know it’s easy to get overwhelmed by payment security and changing regulations. That’s why we’ve made it easier to stay compliant, meeting every guideline and requirement, keeping your business safe and secure. Take comfort in maintaining compliance with Worldpay today.

Know the new security requirements

Starting in 2017, card networks require Worldpay to provide PCI compliance status of all small and medium (Level 4) businesses as part of an effort to secure the merchants' payment environment. Find out how this affects you – learn more about PCI security standards at the PCI council website or click below to learn how to get started.

Start Using Omnishield Assure Validating Compliance New Network Standards Frequently Asked Questions

OmniShield Assure: Payment Security Simplified

Don’t get caught off guard. Be ready for the new mandates with Worldpay’s OmniShield Assure, our single product bundle for complete compliance – now standard for all merchants. Our smart and easy solution includes:

Chip card acceptance

Protects against: Counterfeit card fraud

How to use: Upgrade to a chip card payment device compatible with your POS

PCI Assist via Trustwave

Protects against: Unsecure payment network and environments

How to use: Log into Trustwave via your welcome email, or call Trustwave’s 24/7 support at
877-257-1081 to get started

Point-to-point Encryption*

Protects against: Data breach

How to use: Upgrade to a payment device that supports encryption, which includes most Vantiv chip card solutions

Breach assist

Protects against: The risk of financial loss from costs associated with a cardholder data breach

How to use: You’re automatically enrolled

We keep you covered

All merchants are required to follow the PCI payment security standards at all times. To become a secure processing merchant, process with a chip card device and validate that you are PCI compliant with Trustwave.

Getting started with PCI compliance validation

As part of PCI Assist that comes included in OmniShield Assure, we provide Trustwave’s TrustKeeper® PCI Manager, a simple online tool that guides users through the compliance process one step at a time and with 24/7 phone support. For merchants who complete their SAQ either manually or with the help of another tool, PCI Assist is required to report the merchant’s compliance status. Get started by opening the email from Trustwave and logging into the portal, or calling Trustwave Support at 877-257-1081.

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* Point-to-point encryption may not be PCI validated