You have heart – show us yours today

National Small Business Week is right around the corner. As we celebrate all the good that you do this week – and every week of the year – help us by nominating the person on your team who consistently drives the pulse of your business and your community.

Bonus: Free FASCINATION ADVANTAGE® assessment for every qualified nominee and their nominating manager – a $40 value. Most personality assessments tell you how you see the world. Only one measures how the world sees you.


Uncommon sense: Millennials prove to be more frugal than spendthrift

According to our recent research, Millennials are counting their pennies more than they’re getting credit for. Asked to describe their shopping habits, 55 percent of these consumers described themselves as “enthusiastic bargain hunters,” taking advantage of deals whenever possible. Take a look at what makes this generation the deal spotters, and learn how you can engage them to your mutual benefit.

5 job interview tactics to tell if you’ve got the right candidate

Hiring the right team members can make or break any small business–– particularly in its first year. Naturally, if you want to be successful, you need to hire employees that are passionate, competent, honest, and eager to grow. So what are the interview questions, topics, and tactics that that’ll give you the information you need to make the best decision? Get them here.


This spring, grow business by planting better promotions

Promotional offers are a great way to increase gift card sales and drive traffic to your business. And there’s no better time than during some of the largest gift card purchasing holidays: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduations. Plan for these events with the right promotion and advertising to entice new customers and help inspire repeat customers.



When consumers were rejecting pay-to-play auction sites because of its lemon reputation, DealDash stepped up to offer a better bidding experience. Discover how this online auction business helped turn its industry reputation around with effective marketing and strategic promotions that are increasing customers and upping bids.