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Summer 2019 Processing Site Redirection


On Saturday, June 8, processing for Worldpay eCommerce line of business will be redirected from our Western facility to our Eastern facility. 


Mastercard Claims Manager update


As part of the Mastercard Claims Manager (MCM), Mastercard has announced a new fee and updates to existing pass through fees. 

U.S. merchants
Click here to learn about the fees impacting merchants based in the United States

Canadian merchants
Click here to learn about the fees impacting merchants based in Canada. 


Upcoming fees impacting Canadian merchants

The card networks have announced changes to the fees assessed to Canadian merchants. 

Upcoming fees impacting U.S. merchants 


Interchange notice
The Worldpay Network Fee Management Interchange notice contains upcoming fee changes that will be implemented by the card networks. 


Pass-through fee notice
Click on the link to learn more about the network pass-through fee changes that will impact U.S. merchants. 


Visa Update: Credit Authorizations

In response to the upcoming card brand mandates for credit voucher/merchandise return authorizations, Worldpay has updated our system to send this new authorization on behalf of our merchants.

Updates to Portfolio Switch


Approximately 4M cards have been updated from a Visa BIN to a Mastercard BIN. We recommend merchants impacted to review the actions attached.


Changes to BIN Bank


On August 1, 2018, BIN 511572, which was previously for Bank of Delaware has been issued under Emigrant Bank. Worldpay advises merchants to ensure updated mapping for the BIN. 


Visa security alert

Visa's Payment Fraud Disruption (PFD) team was the first to link the exact same PwnPOS malware file hash across seven recent point of sale breaches reported since March 2018 in North America. It was also found that each of the PwnPOS malware files recovered from the 2018 breaches were the same across all compromises, rendering PwnPOS an easily identifiable malware family.

Download Visa's  Data Security Bulletin and accompanying file for more information.
Visa arbitration process

Like any legal contest, arbitration is a way to reach a settlement if the dispute can’t be resolved through the traditional chargeback process. When it comes to a fraud dispute in the Visa network, merchants now have the ability to escalate the dispute to the Visa arbitration committee where a final decision will be made. But is escalation the best course of action?


In every issue

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