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Global PIN Debit and Credit Receipt Requirements - All Networks


What details need to be listed on store receipts? How long must you retain customer receipts and does this vary by network? These questions are answered in Worldpay's comprehensive PIN Debit and Credit Receipt Requirement Guide for all networks.


POS Skimmer Device Alert for Puerto Rico


ATH has notified Worldpay of recent activity by a group of fraudsters placing POS Skimmers on top of Merchants POS terminals.


Verified by Visa rebranded to Visa Secure


The Verified by Visa program name has been rebranded to Visa Secure. Existing VbV marks will be replaced with the new Visa Secure badge across all channels. 


Changes and updates to Core iQ


Worldpay is making changes and updates to Core iQ in May. Check below to see what those changes are.


Reminder and Changes: Contactless Terminal Requirements


To increase the acceptance of contactless transactions and support more secure transactions, the card brands have published contactless terminal requirements. Contactless terminals must support EMV grade contactless technology as outlined by region and effective date.


Update: Mastercard Claims Manager for Disputes


Mastercard announced plans to make changes to their disputes resolution process for its network participants during the second half of 2019, followed by additional changes in April 2020.


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Upcoming Holiday Reminder - Memorial Day
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