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What you need to do in this year of transition 

2021 is in many ways a transition year. Businesses of every size are looking to rebuild smarter in 2021 by adapting to accelerating changes in payments technology and consumer behavior.

The 2021 Global Payments Report covers how payments have changed over the last year and how the pandemic has catapulted payments technology further than ever expected.

  • Tap into subscriptions
  • Upgrade from paper payments
  • Accept digital wallets




Find out how iQ Now can help with managing your chargebacks

There’s been a sharp increase in disputed credit card transactions – also known as “chargebacks” – where many of these transactions are due to fraud. Here’s what to do…

  • Protect yourself by processing credit and debit transactions according to the card brands' rules and regulations.
  • Avoid running swiped or manually entered transactions, and if you cannot avoid running them – gather the address verification and the CVV code.
  • Even if you do everything you can to avoid an issue, it is still possible that a cardholder will file a dispute. 
  • Act quickly. If a customer disputes a charge, you have a limited amount of time to address it before you automatically lose that revenue. 

If you have activated your iQ account, you can automatically receive email notifications when you have a dispute to get a head start on resolving these chargebacks. Plus, with our free iQ Now mobile app, you can simply upload support documentation from your smartphone as opposed to the time-consuming process of mailing or faxing documentation to us.

That’s one more reason you need our free iQ Now mobile app, providing on-the-go account access in the palm of your hand.

iQ Now is designed for merchants with under 10 locations. It also helps you manage reconciliations, and allows you to see trending business data and cash flow while giving you instant notifications on critical payments data. Move your payments into the future and power your businesses’ potential with iQ Now. Scan the QR code at the bottom of the newsletter to download the app today!





StoreCard and Valutec come together! 

Enriching your gift and loyalty programs to meet the evolving needs of your customers is more critical now than ever.

Need help deciding what package works best for your needs, or want to learn more?

Just complete a short questionnaire and get recommendations on the best package options for your business. Get information around mobile wallets, cashback rewards and more. Plus, see how new Valutec loyalty features can enhance your digital opportunities. (2 minute read)

*NOTE: Existing StoreCard merchants will be converted to Valutec beginning in May and will continue to have all StoreCard features at the same monthly rate with no interruption to service. Please call us at 800.509.0625 for more information.





See our resource library for important updates

Explore our growing library of tools, tips and handy resources for you to accept and manage your payments with Worldpay from FIS.


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