Advantage Bulletin
for eCommerce Merchants

July 17, 2018

This newsletter includes important updates from the card brands, debit networks, and Vantiv, now Worldpay as well as compliance-related information.


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Summer 2018 network update webinar and newsletter

As thought leaders and business partners, we strive to keep you informed of the most recent news in this fast-changing payments industry. The Summer 2018 network update is dedicated to covering the most recent changes from the major card networks: Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, and Discover®.

Look for a recording of our recent network update webinar in the August Advantage Bulletin. 


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Updated Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) fee information

Visa recently announced they were extending the waiver for the Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) time-based dispute response and acceptance fees that were originally scheduled to take effect in April 2018. These fees will now take effect starting October 1, 2018.


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Refund Authorizations

With the upcoming Visa and Discover card brand mandates for Refund Authorizations, Worldpay is updating our system to send this new authorization on behalf of our merchants.

This arrangement will allow merchants all the benefits of compliance, without the need to make changes to the way refunds are currently sent.

These Refund Authorizations will appear within iQ portal as a separate category but will be assessed the same authorization fee that is charged on a sale.

Please reach out to your relationship manager if you have questions. 


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China Union Pay announces new
8 series BIN range

China Union Pay is launching a new 8 series BIN range. Merchants and partners should ensure all point-of-sale devices are ready to identify, accept, and process these new BINs by October 12, 2018. The 8 Series Cards are expected to begin appearing in the market January 2019.

81000000 81099999 UnionPay
81100000 81319999 UnionPay
81320000 81519999 UnionPay
81520000 81639999 UnionPay
81640000 81719999 UnionPay


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JCB announces expanded BIN range

JCB has announced they are expanding their BIN ranges. Merchants and partners should ensure that all point-of-sale devices are able to identify, accept, and process the expanded BIN Ranges. The new BINS are expected to be in market around October 2022.

Start End Issuing
30880000 30949999 JCB
30960000 31029999 JCB
31120000 31209999 JCB
31580000 31599999 JCB
33370000 33499999 JCB


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Update: Credential on File documentation (CoF) expanded

Worldpay continues to work with the card brands to ensure we have the answers our merchants need in order to properly implement Credential on File. We’ve obtained additional technical details related to CoF requirements and have updated our comprehensive resource document.

NOTE - For Mastercard transactions, we advise merchants to postpone implementation of CoF framework until further notice. Not all issuers are ready to support entry mode ‘10’, and this is leading to declines.


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Mastercard Canada Cross Border fee increase 

Effective November 4, 2018, Mastercard will increase the Cross Border fees for transactions acquired in Canada.  The Cross Border fee is assessed to transactions where the accepted card is issued outside of Canada. 


Current Rate

Effective November 4, 2018

Mastercard Cross Border Assessment – non-CAD



Mastercard Cross Border Assessment – CAD




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iQ for eCommerce password

With the most recent release of iQ for eCommerce, WorldPay has introduced iQ initial password self-provisioning and improved the ability for Merchant User Administrators to view all users registered to their organization.


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Maintenance and bank holiday schedule

For your reference and planning purposes, please consult the latest Vantiv eCommerce Maintenance and Bank Holiday Schedule.


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Worldpay 2018 peak season update

Our goal is to provide you with the service, support and information you need to effectively manage your electronic payments. This includes our year-round efforts to ensure that every monitor and peak processing day is seamless to our merchants.

To support our goals of continuity and stability in our processing environment, Worldpay has implemented the following change management schedule for 2018.