Standard StoreCard features


Gift transactions

Basic gift card transactions, whether initiated by smartphone or plastic cards, are unlimited and included standard with StoreCard.* Issuing, adding funds, checking balances, and payment are all built in.

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Card registration

Cardholders can register their cards online to help guard against loss or theft. Unlike a traditional gift card that is treated like cash, if a StoreCard is lost or stolen, cardholders can cancel their card and Worldpay will send a new one loaded with the remaining balance via eGift.

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StoreCard Manager

The StoreCard Manager is a Worldpay-hosted website branded just like your cards. It lets your consumers pay from their phone or access any of the features that you have enabled for your business. It is accessible by scanning the QR code on the back of the StoreCard, or by going to the URL listed on the back of the card. From the StoreCard Manager website, cardholders can view their transaction history, including card reloads and rewards.

Brand your StoreCard site

To have your logo added to your customers StoreCard site, simply email Worldpay with your logo attached. Send emails to with the subject line “StoreCard Logo for (Your Business Name)”. Include your contact information in the email body.

Logo requirements: Images must be 292x276 pixels in a png, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, or bmp file type.

Optional features for your StoreCard

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Cardholders have the option to automatically or manually reload their StoreCard at any time, making the checkout experience more convenient and efficient. When a cardholder reloads his or her StoreCard, they simply link their StoreCard to a credit card. The online reload feature utilizes the MercuryPay platform, which encrypts the credit card data.

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Create customer loyalty and encourage loading and reloading funds onto the StoreCard with rewards. You determine the reward amount and whether the reward is loaded upon purchase, reload, or both. Every time customers use their StoreCard at your business or reload their card, they receive rewards loaded directly onto their StoreCard. For example, if you select 10 percent rewards on purchase, a $10 purchase results in $1 bonus on the customer’s StoreCard. With rewards, your customers will never have a zero balance.

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Go mobile

Cardholders have the option to convert their physical StoreCards into digital StoreCards so they can pay with their smart devices. For iPhone® users, the digital card will be stored in their Wallet® app. For AndroidTM users, the digital card will be stored in the PassMarketTM app, or the customer can simply pay from StoreCard manager.

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Promote your business with digital eGifts. We create a unique QR code or text code for your business. When your customers scan the QR code they are redirected to a registration page to receive their eGift card. Mobile phone users can then convert the eGift into a StoreCard in Wallet or PassMarket.

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Social sharing

Take your StoreCard viral! Encourage cardholders to share a virtual gift onto Facebook with our social gifting feature. You decide the offer amount and we take care of the rest. When you let your customers help spread the word about your business, you reward their friends with a DigiCard and save money on advertising. Customer recommendations go a long way in attracting new business.

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*Card Studio

A merchant branded, eCommerce website that enables round-the-clock gift card sales. Your customers can select from a wide selection of physical or eGift cards, or create unique cards using their own personal photographs. Unlike alternative solutions that require merchants to produce and deliver cards, Worldpay handles all facets of card printing and shipping.

*Available at additional cost

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