Verifone Vx520 Support Fix

Please be advised, if you are operating a Verifone VX 520 credit card terminal that is unable to process via the internet please take the following actions before reaching out to support.

*If you are processing through any retail application, please follow the steps below.

*if you are processing through a restaurant application with tip functionality, please note that any tips in the batch would need to be re-entered as separate sales after processing is restored.

  1. Please select restart on your device, if prompted to clear error state select yes, once terminal displays credit/debit or comms server, select credit/debit
  2. Please press the enter key
  3. Select setup
  4. Enter manager password (typically 11739)
  5. Press the enter key
  6. Use the left purple button to scroll down to batch clear Select clear batch
  7. Select batch clear (terminal will prompt for confirmation)
    *PLEASE NOTE: If you are processing tips, any tips in the batch would need to be reentered, as separate sales after processing is restored
  8. Select YES
  9. Terminal will display batch cleared
  10. Press red x to reach the main menu
  11. Reattempt transaction
  12. If you continue to experience any processing errors after completing the provided steps, please call the toll free number listed on your statement or terminal to speak with a member of our Technical Support team.

If you received an encryption error, please follow these steps: