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Protect your business from quickly evolving attack vectors including account takeover, identity theft, card testing, friendly fraud, and many others. FraudSight combines data insights, technology, and a team of experts to more accurately predict when transactions are fraudulent.


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Payment innovation should not fuel fraud

Learn how advanced analytics and data strategies outsmart attacks. Listen in as IDC Fraud Analyst, Rivka Little and Worldpay’s Fraud Product Leader, David Mattei discuss how advanced analytics and data strategies can be used to thwart fraud without sacrificing customer experience.

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FraudSight is a winning combination of data, technology, and experience



  • Unmatched data informed by 40 billion card-present and card-not-present transactions.


  • Leveraging the best machine learning technology for real-time fraud decisions and real-time authorizations.


  • Award winning expertise and decades of experience, let our 120+ data and fraud scientists fight fraud for you.
Advantages of machine learning verses rule based fraud systems
Advantages of machine learning verses rule based fraud systems

Machine learning gives complicated data sets a more accurate meaning, helping fraud professionals make sense of large amounts of data instead of trying to interpret data patterns on their own.

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>Solutions Spotlight, FraudSight Webinar Replay
Solutions Spotlight, FraudSight Webinar Replay

Listen to Worldpay product managers discuss how FraudSight can protect commerce experience.

Watch the webinar

Protecting commerce experiences wherever they go

Is your fraud solution doing everything it can to protect your business? Start a conversation with Worldpay about our nextgen solution that fights fraud using machine learning.

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