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Making it easy for business customers to know that you offer Merchant Services could be as easy as having a brochure on display or including a hand-out in your new business banking welcome strategies. Including collateral on location is one of the most basic marketing best practices that can help ensure business customers walking into your branches are aware of your Merchant Services offering.

Optimize your in-branch strategy with Worldpay recommendations and resources found here:

Worldpay: How to Build an In-Branch Presence


Keeping up with the latest trends and strategies for digital marketing can seem overwhelming. But with Worldpay, you get access to simple and effective recommendations to ensure business customers and prospects are aware of your Merchant Services program while online. Worldpay provides compelling digital marketing materials to be leveraged on websites, online banking apps, and in social media.

Expand your digital footprint with Worldpay recommendations and resources found here:

Worldpay: How to Build a Digital Presence


Your existing business customer base should be a core target group for promoting Merchant Services. Merchant Service users generate on average four times the profit for banks as non-users*. And, for business customers that have multiple bank products (including Merchant Services), they are generally more loyal to their financial institutions and less likely to allow a competing payment processor create a wedge in their overall bank relationship.

Enhance your exisiting customer base strategy with one or more of the following Worldpay resources. You will need to login to Worldpay Partner Portal (Worldpay Partner Portal) to access.

*Source: Oliver Wyman 2014 Survey of Small Business Finances


Educating and empowering your branch employees of the value of Merchant Services can be very powerful. And, if the education and direction is being delivered to the staff directly by senior management, it can have a huge impact on overall program performance. With Worldpay Bank Referral Training program, all branch employees can be trained and coached to turn every merchant interaction into an opportunity to uncover and meet the merchant’s payment processing needs. When investing in employees, you have the opportunity to see an increase in branch participation, an increase in number of quality referrals, and ultimately an increase in net new revenue.

Learn more about Worldpay Bank Referral Training and how to participate. You will need to login to Worldpay Partner Portal (Worldpay Partner Portal) to access.

Worldpay: Bank Referral Training Overview


Providing your bank staff with the right tools that provide real answers to questions merchant prospects and customers have can be influential in both the sales and service cycle. Worldpay provides its partners and sales teams with the right tools needed to transition a prospect from the start of the conversation to closing the deal to launching the product and then the ongoing service.

Leverage the Worldpay sales tools available today with your bank staff:

Worldpay: How to Leverage Worldpay Sales Support Tools


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